E. Menozzi

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Mage Lore Novels

Heir of Gods

To find the gods, Ayla may have to sacrifice her heart.

Long ago, the last of the true mages fled from a forgotten foe and traded their magic to the gods in exchange for protection. For generations, the veil created by the gods has kept the danger that hunts them from crossing into their lands. But now, mysterious raiders attack in the night and the one person who is supposed to have inherited the power to speak with the gods doesn’t have a clue how to find them.

Ayla may have received a message from the gods, but she doesn’t know what it means. If she hopes to figure out what the gods are trying to tell her and succeed in restoring the veil, she’ll have to confront the grandson of the last Ruhlini. But is she prepared to leave her dreams behind in order to save the people she loves?

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