E. Menozzi

Modern Fae Series

Eve of the Fae

When Faerie tale dreams come true, nightmare creatures can be deadly.

Eve doesn’t believe in magic or fate. But, when her carefully ordered life begins to unravel, she decides to take a chance and follow her recurring dream of the legendary Faerie Queen to Lydbury Manor, her uncle's family estate in England. Maybe spending the Christmas holiday with her aunt and uncle will help her sort out her future and solve a family mystery.

As a member of the Fae High Court, Liam should be fighting on the front lines with his cousins, not cooped up in Lydbury Manor masquerading as a human and playing secretary to an elderly professor. But he still hasn’t completed his mission, and he’s running out of time. The Wild Hunt will ride again at the Winter Solstice unless he can find and destroy the artifact that will stop the spirit of Lord Edric from laying waste to the remaining Fae.

Forced to work together, and failing to fight their mutual attraction, Liam and Eve are caught between deadly Fae laws and the Spirit of a madman. Survival will mean surrendering control and rediscovering strength.

If you like fantasy worlds, suspense, and forbidden romance, don't miss this award winning finalist in the 2017 San Francisco Area Romance Writers' Heart to Heart Contest and finalist for the 2018 Daphne du Maurier Award presented by the Kiss of Death Romance Writers!

Daphne du Maurier Finalist 2018

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Vivian's Promise

The shortest night of the year became the most important night of Vivian's life.

Vivian is about to marry her childhood sweetheart while on vacation in England when she’s lured away from the chapel and ensnared by a faerie. A bargain secures her freedom temporarily, but she’s captured by the Wild Hunt before she can return to join her wedding party.

Oscar has been searching for the Fae ever since he learned he might be a descendent of the Faerie Queen, only to finally find one trapping a tourist into a deal she will regret. Before he can get the answers he seeks, an ancestor he hasn’t been searching for finds him and mistakes him for this woman’s fiancé.

As captives of the Wild Hunt, they’ll have to decide how much they’re willing to sacrifice to return to their normal lives. But returning to normal might not be what they’re looking for after all.

If you're looking for a fast and fun sweet romance story set in a captivating fantasy world, then don't miss this prequel novella in the Modern Fae series. The events of this story take place before Eve of the Fae, but this novella can be read before or after book one, or as a stand-alone story.

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Eve Epilogue Novella

Title and more info coming soon...

Modern Fae Book 2

Title and more info coming soon...